Supply Chain Management Assignment

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Supply Chain Management Assignment

Ajinkya Alhat



The article talks about the adjustments U S Post makes to satisfy the needs of market at different times, the speed which U S Post delivers taking less amount of time and the trust of customers from both the ends, a sender and a receiver and to fulfil the gap between sender and receiver by becoming the perfect intermediate.
Being a public agency U. S. Postal Service focuses on cost analysis and rate setting.
Now as per U. S. Govt., U. S. Postal Service’s needs to create a strategic plan for 5 years this has to be revised after 3 years.
The U. S. Postal Service’s has a strategic planning organization which is at corporate level, headed by CEO and Post Master General followed by Vice President followed by five unit heads.
They have standard strategic planning process which includes four phases namely establish, deploy, implement and review. The establish committee sets annual performance targets based upon recent performance trends, resource availability and business environment. It looks broadly at external trends and issues that will have effect on U S Postal Services mission.
The deployment is managed by operation and finance heads at headquarters with any of area vice president.
Implementations are managed by senior management who sets the final targets and link it with annual budget and allocates resources to operational activities.
Review stage assesses the performance at each stage and recognition of exception is carried out.
The strategic planning on resources is created to avoid burdens on resources.
The balance score card method was used to carry out mandate of the president which follows four things, generating revenues, improving services, productivity and developing people to judge the performance.
The transformation plan identified specific major programs and initiatives necessary to achieve strategic goals.
The operations and finance are highly transparent to achieve accountability.
Simple message methodology used so that it will be understood by everyone.
Also one more difficulty was the change, which was necessary for being self-suffice organization.
Outsourcing performance measurement to avoid internal manipulation and looking closely at customer satisfaction even though not considering it as performance index measure makes U S Post Services the successful organization.

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Drone deliveries beckon for Amazon
By Barney Jopson in New York

Amazon is developing unmanned aerial drones that its founder Jeff Bezos says it could be using to deliver packages to consumers within five years.
“I know this looks like science fiction. It’s not,” said Mr Bezos, unveiling a square device with eight propellers and a grip that holds on to yellow buckets for parcels.
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Speaking on the CBS television programme 60 Minutes, Mr Bezos said the drones could enable the online retailer to deliver packages within 30 minutes of customers pressing the “buy” button on Amazon.
“I don’t want anybody to think this is just around the corner,” he said. “But could it be ... four or five years? I think so.”
Amazon said it had to wait for the drones – which it calls Octocopters – to be permitted by Federal Aviation Administration rules.
Mr Bezos said the