Supporting Positive Behaviour Essay

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Unit 209 - Support Children and Young People’s Positive Behaviour
Assignment overview


This assignment is intended to provide evidence of a candidate’s knowledge, understanding and skills required to support positive behaviour of children and young people. By completing all tasks within the assignment the candidate will provide evidence that meets the Learning Outcomes and assessment criteria of Unit 209 - Support Children and Young People’s Positive Behaviour


There are three tasks to this assignment.

A Policies and Examples
B Explanation

Assignment coverage
Learning outcomes covered

Task Task Name Learning Outcomes Covered
A Policies and Examples 1 Know the policies and procedures of the
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Describe with examples the importance of all staff consistently and fairly applying boundaries and rules for children and young people’s behaviour in accordance with the policies and procedures of your setting – Outcome 1 ref 1.2

Firstly it is important that everything is relevant to a child’s level of ability and understanding as you need to consider what the child understands when applying rules.
Every child no matter of what their age or circumstances needs structure and guidelines to follow. This helps a child realise what is consistently expected of them in the surroundings of the school and what is deemed as bad or unacceptable behaviour. Rules and structure give a child a sense of security. It also goes towards creating a positive learning environment which in turn leads to maximum quality learning time as there are fewer disruptions.
Teachers and TA’s should liaise and work together so that they are applying the same rules for the children otherwise a child will become confused e.g. if one asks them to work quietly and the other lets them chat whilst they are working they will not know what the rule is so may not follow it and be confused when they are then told to be quiet. If a child sees another behaving badly but does not then see that child being pulled up on their behaviour they will have a tendency to want to