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Surfing Surfing is more than just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. Everyone has their own interests and activities they enjoy doing. For me and many others, surfing is what we enjoy. Surfers will do whatever it takes to get good waves. Whether it’s driving two hours up coast, or flying to a third world country. When the waves are good, we will surf all day every day until we can no longer paddle for waves anymore. This illustrates how passionate surfers are. I have dedicated a very long time and much practice to gain a talent in surfing. It did not come easily and I am still thriving to improve. Surfing is what I love and I always put everything I have into bettering myself. Surfers are also very conscious of the ocean and beaches. These are just a few reasons why surfing is a lifestyle rather than a hobby. I am very passionate in every aspect of surfing. Professional surfers are some of my role models and I respect what they do very much. They travel the world and get to surf the best waves possible. Even people that just enjoy surfing for what it is travel the world in search for good waves. This is described as the love for surfing which brings people stoke. “Stoke” is the happiness that surfing fills people with. Professional surfers live the life I dream of and I hope to be able to live that life someday. Surfing is viewed by people in many different ways. Some people look at surfers as “beach bums” and don’t do much work. Others look at them as peaceful people who are naturally aware as well. No matter what view people have on surfing and surfers, many of them forget that it’s a multi-million dollar industry. There are countless job opportunities in the surfing industry that involve business skills. I don’t plan on being a professional surfer however, I would like to work with a surf industry to design products. My passion for surfing and knowledge as a surfer transfers over and gives me the skills needed to be successful in the business side of the industry. These are a few reasons that describe how passionate we surfers are. Another reason that I find surfing to be a lifestyle is by how much time we dedicate to it. I have been surfing for eight years every day that there’s waves. It started off as just a hobby I enjoyed doing with my friends occasionally. As I progressively kept surfing, I gained more of an interest in it. At age 14 I was offered a sponsorship from a major surf company called “Rusty”. I was beyond “stoked” and gladly accepted their offer. After that I realized I wanted to take it seriously and start doing competitions. I began doing very well and got offered sponsorships from five other surf companies. When I was 16, I placed 3rd on the East Coast of the United States in a major surf contest. I then realized I was going to be involved with surfing for the rest of my life whether it’s in the business side or being a professional. I still believe I could be a professional but, I have the backup plan to work in the industry if I don’t. I practice every day to better myself and have seen the results which have been very rewarding. This gives me drive to improve and has taught me that I can better myself in every aspect of life as long as I put in the effort. Dedication is a major part in how surfing is a lifestyle for