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Sustainability Case Study Assignment
HF 270 Lodging Operations and Technology
Project Assignment Information

For this project, you will be working in groups of 2-3 and collecting information and profiling a hospitality property of your choice. You must acquire information for your profile from a hospitality employee, facility property owner or manager and through site observation. You may choose to make one or several site visits. Certain property information and details to complete in this assignment may be difficult to attain. It is your responsibility to select a property and obtain as much relevant information as possible in order to complete the assignment in a thorough manner. Please choose your group and submit the names of your group members. If you do not find a group, one will be assigned to you.
Please review the AHLA’s ‘high performing hotel case studies’ (PDF provided in blackboard) to gain knowledge of various property features and understand the type of information you will be expected to consider at properties and provide in your report. For your assignment, please address general categories, at a minimum, as listed in this document for your selected property. As in the high performance case studies, be as throughout and descriptive as possible. You must document everything the hospitality facility you choose is doing towards achieving ‘green’/sustainable best practices. You may include information based on your own judgment and your own observations. Feel free to expand into as many areas as you see fit. Every property will be different. Some properties may have sustainable building construction and energy conserving mechanical and electrical systems, while others will have exemplary recycling programs and linen changing policies. You may choose to include corporate social responsibly, outreach programs, fundraising and education sponsoring. If a hotel does not have comprehensive levels of sustainably and practice principals of sustainability in place, you may, alternatively, focus on presenting a case for improvement of a property’s existing practices, and make specific recommendations of where sustainability can be achieved across areas of the built environment and management and operations, etc.

Please Indicate the property’s name:
Example: Pacific Rim Resort
Please indicate the location of the property:
Example: Remote volcanic Island in the middle of the Pacific 5035 East Volcano Drive, Remote Island, In the Ocean,
Name of property Developer:
Example: Island Preservation Partnership (IPP)
Date of completion:
Example: Phase 1- August 1992. First wing constructed September 1993; 206 hotel rooms.
Suite addition 1997. 20 Time share poperties added in 2003. Phase 2 180 rooms on second wing
Project size:
Example: Site (gross land area): 1,200 acre island Building (area): 750,000 square feet/ on 420 buildable acres Etc…
Property Description:
Hotel/Resort and Time share community with build out of 150 time share units. 40 percent of time-share buyers are permanent residents. Project site includes a marina, a nature center, 5 restaurants, interactive nature trails, 4 tennis courts, 10 acres of beach area, 4 swimming pools, 2 fitness centres, 4 tennis courts, squash and badminton courts, theatre/cultural performance center, juice bar, spas, yoga and mediation, etc… (More details….)
Staff Training:
Construction and Operation:
Materials and Resources
Indoor Environmental Quality
Market Positioning :


Best Practices and Conclusion:

Notes from your walk-through/observation:
Example of a former student’s observations:
Environmental preservation and restoration was a major focus in the resorts design; 65% of land is held in a wildlife preserve.
Vehicle-free resort (except for golf carts) with pervious rods. Careful site planning and orientation.
Natural ventilation provided in