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Rui Hu
Sustainability Week Summary
In this activity, I planed how the activity should be and I tried to communicate with my teammates but few of them reply. As a result, I wrote the one-page proposal by myself. Afterwards, I contact with Cara wondering what I could do. I made ten questions which are about different areas such as paper saving, clear energy, emission cutting down, water crisis and food waste so that Cara can have more choices. (I am disappointed because Devin can’t answer the question that learned in the class correctly) This is pretty much what I did in this activity.
The idea of Trivia Night is good and the process is wonderful. It is a perfect connection between sustainability theme and activity. First process is more about knowledge and the last two are fun and knowledgeable too. I like this idea for sure.
What disappointed me is the communication between our team and Cara’s. Therefore, almost all of us are ambiguous about what is going on there. The only thing that we know is there will be a “Trivia” part which is only answer questions. What I have to mention is others of my team are not motivated at all. I tried to contact them but without reply. Like what I mentioned before, I wrote the proposal alone. What’s more, I finished all the question without understanding what the general processes will be. The problem I think is we need a meeting with Cara’s team or at least a discussion with them. That is why I asked you what this activity is all about which makes you laugh. To sum up, the problem is lack of communication and organization. What I think this might caused by bias of different class and attitude to this activity of my teammates.
Obviously, what I learn is how to sort all kind of garbage and the questions that asked. But the important thing is to change people’s mind about sustainability during daily life. Educate everybody with sustainable awareness is…