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WOT analysis: We realize that SWOT analysis is depending on PEST. How SWOT is affected by PEST? For example, the technology for “T”, if they have progressive technology, this factor can be their strength also opportunities because lower production cost they have to throw in. We realize that their strengths and weaknesses can be the opportunities and threats respectively.

For strengths, they obtained ISO 22000 award in November 2010. That seems that can obtain confidence from their foods. Also, they provide customers a series of food. They can choose any dishes in the menu according their flavor. Next, customers can enjoy high quality of foods because they have recruited professional cook with over three years experiences. Then, is to keep abreast of trends, they have to change their menu in a specific time in order to match customer’s flavor. Next, due to they have more than ten years business experience. Therefore, they not only provide satisfied service but also high quality of foods and all-rounded business management. Last but not least, they provide better service than their competitors because their company has provided practical staff training for employees.

For weaknesses, firstly, they just have limit food choices those are all traditional Chinese style of foods. Next, because of economic effect, they have high expenditure. Then, they have high staff turnover, since minimum wages policy set up, people would like to choose the easier job with 28 dollars per