Symbolism In The Haunted House

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interpretation 3, Events and characteristics are symbolic of the workings of the human mind on brink of insanity. In this theory, Madeline and Roderick (who are twins) represent the unconscious and the conscious, and when Roderick denies the other’s existence, he seals his doom. The fall of the house represents his ultimate breakdown—suggested by his strong identification with the building and underscored by the poem “The Haunted Palace.”
Assuming that it was a human mind on the break of insanity. In this theory, because Madeline and Roderick represent the unconscious and the conscious. Rodrick would represent the unconscious, saying that he is almost handicap in a way. His mind is saying a lot more than he himself can let anyone know, he is
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When Rodrick denied that his sister was alive it foreshadows very much that his sister or himself surely will die, it just happened to both to show the gothic romanticism out of the short story. Roderick Usher is so mentally scattered that in his mind his sister is his world, the only thing he has left and in reality he isn’t wrong. When Roderick's sister “dies” he has no one left, a part of him is gone or no longer there. This really sets Roderick over the edge, after this event he can no longer even function any more. Deep down inside tho I do think that one may feel like he has a feeling that his sister is in fact not …show more content…
One might not look at it as tho since the last of the ushers died the house fell. What if all of the Ushers were connected to the house. As the house began to grow older and more unstable the Ushers die off because it is getting closer and closer to time for the house to fall. At the very end of the story there are only two Ushers left and the house by this time is very old and even has a crack all the way down it. When the first Usher “dies” the house starts to rock and shake when she is trying to escape, foreshadowing it’s falling. Even though Roderick and Madeline did die before the house fell, it could have been because they life knew the house was in fact going to fall so it just went ahead and took their lives. No more Ushers, no more