Systematic Change Essay

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Systematic Change The society we live in has long been structurally secured by separation. Separation by color, separation by sex, separation by class all these systematic separations are invoked to promote a better society and keep the one we have created functional. This brings me to a point on addendum 23 which is how to make the world a more democratic, meaningful and happier place one that resonated strongly with me that achieves the goal above is “the elimination of all of binaries, classifications, and categorizations of people to allow for more fluid, inclusive, and multiple identities.” I think this is a great idea but in order to do this it would require changing the system entirely therefore destroying society as we know it.
This is a difficult feat to master because the system has so much
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For example, Shearing and Stenning share in their article that “Control strategies are embedded in both environment features and structural relations. In both cases control structures and activities have other functions which are highlights so that the control function is overshadowed” (Shearing and Stenning). Some of these features would be the physical barriers that direct patrons, the employees that are dressed as characters and the obvious directory signs. This form of control is reinforced meticulously in order to maintain profit and to uphold American capitalism. Although Disney controls their visitors secretively, it’s a place that people just can’t seem to get enough of but why? And the answer to that is simple, popular culture. The human species is always look for the next best thing and has to have some sort of involvement in the new trend or what is trending at the moment. Disney is visited by a vast majority of people who talk about the joyous experience leading others to want the same