Tablets: A Positive Change in the World of Computing Essay

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This essay is going to discuss that tablets such as iPads, Surfaces, and the Galaxy, bring about a positive change in the world of communication, and encourage development in children. Tablets have made computing portable and easy, by literally having nearly everything that a computer can do, and putting it on a touch-screen-pad that you can carry around with you.
Much like a phone (except for calling or texting), although there are applications you can use to contact other devices, a tablet is making work, entertainment and social communication a lot easier. A tablet is a much smaller, convenient and portable device than a computer. The most obvious difference is a lack of keyboard, but with technology changing and developing more and more everyday, magnetic attachable keyboards have been made available. Tablets are constantly changing and developing, and there has been new tablets out nearly every year since 2010. “Although Apple first released the iPad in
April of 2010, the preliminary news and gossip began several years before. Steve Jobs first officially announced the iPad in January of 2010, but Apple is known to have been developing a design and strategy for a tablet computer as far back as 2004. With less than a year in the market, the iPad has sparked dozens of electronics manufacturers to design and market their own version of tablet computer.” (Bradford. A, 2013)
It may seem that because people have been using PCʼs for a long time and children have grown up using computers at school, the ʻtouchʼ aspect would be difficult to master. But several sources have stated that society has adapted to it really quickly, and it is quite simple to learn and pick up for children and adults. Interacting using the touch sense is involving the user much more than just clicking with a mouse on a computer, using touch and swipe entices the user into social and linguistic interaction. (Vosseller. E, 2011,
Considering the iPad to improve communication skills?, Herndon, Virginia.) iPads are inexpensive for the quality you get when you purchase one, which makes them easily accessible to a variety of communities such as schools and workplaces, this is why they have become so common within society. iPads and tablets assist a lot in the workplace mainly because they are portable, but also because itʼs a really quick and effective way to take notes while you are doing other things.
Tablets encourage development in Australia and around the world, thirty-one percent of
American adults now own tablets, (Kirkland.S, 2013) as people are already getting familiar with the ʻportable touch-screenʼ idea there have been suggestions of even more developed devices that will enhance learning, working, and communication greatly, even more so than tablets now, and there is always room for development when it comes to technology. thinks that ʻlarge-screen tablets are the next big thing.” (Prospero. M, 2013.) iPads and tablets are becoming an essential part to school curriculums recently, and have proven that the iPad engages the children much easier than average teaching. “iPads have opened doors for many of our students. We have many students working below the
Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS) who are learning to reach out and make contact with an object on the iPad. Through engaging apps such as Pocket Pond,Bloom
HD and SoundPrism some students are now experimenting with moving their hands around the screen as a result of the exciting effects that occur.” (Hallett. D, 2013)

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