Taking A Look At Hess Gas Company

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Hess Gas Company is known worldwide and throughout the country. It has headquarters from the mid-east coast to china and Australia. There are Hess gas stations everywhere in New Jersey fueling automotive everywhere. Hess also provides electricity, natural gas and fuel oil, plus energy solutions, to commercial, industrial, institutional and small business customers. Hess is also developing two natural gas-fired power plants in New Jersey. Hess Energy Marketing is the largest provider of electricity, natural gas and fuel oil to about 21,000 commercial and industrial customers in its 18-state East Coast market area, as well as to utilities and other wholesale customers. Its products offer customers a clear approach to "green energy." Hess Corp. in New Jersey has launched a new Hess Energy Solutions. Hess Energy Solutions is a new strategy that delivers integrated solutions that help organizations save money, reduce energy consumption and make well-informed energy decisions, including fuel conversions, and energy efficiency and sustainability. Hess has not launched their idea just yet, but it’s an initiative. There also is a sustainability project to install a solar field that will provide energy to the Hess office in Woodbridge, New Jersey. Energy Efficiency/Sustainability will recommend and assist implementation of energy-efficiency improvement projects to lower energy consumption, reduce energy spent and provide greener operations. It also reduces environmental impacts through renewable resources and reduces greenhouses gases through program such as solar. As today we are faced with higher energy prices and concerns about climate change, Hess organization want to improve energy efficiency and minimize their cost and impact on the environment by using real-time control and monitoring systems to effectively manage energy-consuming and energy-producing assets. Hess sells natural gas and oil to everyone around the world not just consumer’s in the United States. It wants to take the project, Hess Energy Solutions, overseas to China, Egypt and Malaysia. Going that far into the world will probably cause minor delay and problems. Hess will have to consider product liability. If taking it to Egypt for example, the company will have to consider the heat because if natural gas is exposed to too much heat it will lose quantity therefore being unreliable. Consumer will have to take notice of that and create an environment well temperature. In addition, If Hess signed a contract with other countries it has to worry about lawsuits and employees getting hurt on the job. Since it’s a new power plant that is going to be equipped and installed overseas, there is an increasing chance of employees suing Hess for getting hurt in an accident. Hess should take employees from the United States to decrease that chance. Have employees sign a contract stating that Hess is not fully responsible. I also recommend healthcare for employees being deployed overseas for the project, it will minimize the chance of lawsuits. When taking a business overseas u have to consider privacy. Hess is such a world known company it’s actually hard to invade. It has so many people behind it with such great security. I believe it has a much high security level than most companies because it’s dealing with such an explosive component. High levels of security are highly needed because it also deals with humongous machinery. Privacy protection has to also be considered when customers purchase gas. With such great company, privacy is most important because consumers are paying monthly for service. Hess needs to protect the customer’s information and payments. Usually payments are transacted through a computer or a computerized device where hackers are likely to trespass therefore, high-end security is needed. The company has to advertise its product on the web when dealing with business that you can’t physically be there for. If the vice president of the company is