Task 2 I Essay

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As a Social Care Worker when arriving on shift, entering someone’s home you would ring the door bell and wait till you get a answer or response to enter their home. As its the individuals home, its there choice wether they welcome you into their home. You would say hello to everyone that lived in that house that you supported, if no verbal communication then communicate in their own personal way. The way the communicate will be stated in the Care Plans and PCP’s and even getting to know them as a individual. A SCW should then read the Communication Book, Dairy and have a staff Handover. When they have all been signed and read through properly then, ask the individual if they had any plans for the day, wanted to go anywhere, what they wanted to do, what they wanted for their lunch and tea, if they wanted to take medication, ask if they wanted supported if needed in personal care. By a SCW asking the person they are supporting questions about the day, the person is telling you what their own personal choices are for the day and its there choice. A SCW would record all the individuals choices in their daily log sheets as other staff will know it is there choice.

As a Social Care Worker you may work in house where there is more then one individual and there is a group of people that need support. It is important to make sure that each individual still gets there own choices, independce and not decisions and choices made as a group choice. For example, If one of the individuals…