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Taste of Africa
I attended Taste of Africa on November 5th, 2013 at the BA building. This event was for people that may or may not have been familiar with the African culture. While there, they had food that originated from Africa and it tasted pretty good. At a Taste of Africa, I learned about African music and the complexity of the dances. Overall it was a very interesting event. All different types of people were there and I got to converse with people that I may not usually talk to.
The event had more strengths than weaknesses. For example, the individuals that hosed this event made it very informational. It was information that was interesting and not boring. A taste of Africa made me want to learn more about the African culture and how beautiful it is. I also liked how they had the food set up and how we could taste different things that some may not have ever heard of. Another thing that was very interesting about Taste of Africa is how they had African music and African dancers. I loved the way they moved and connected with every beat of the song.
The weaknesses of Taste of Africa were that it didn’t last very long and that they could have advertised it better because there wasn’t a lot of a person there. Although there wasn’t a big crowd, I would have liked it to be longer considering that I was having a lot of fun and I wanted to learn more about the culture. When planning an event, the organization should do many of things to advertise their event so that…