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The world has changed tremendously throughout the years. Through the personal and cultural expression of tattooing oneself most wonder why people today get tattoos. Furthermore, those who think tattoos are just for looks will have to realize that tattoos are a part of ones life. Therefore one might say, “ Tattooing is used in a way to mark important events or people in their lives in a permanent way.”(Milcetich) people today should look in the meaning and value of a tattoo “As a statement carved in ones body” (Milcetich). Along with that meaning in ones body, people’s attitudes towards tattoos have begun to change what one thinks about tattoos.
Attitudes towards life have changed more and more over the years as the personal interest in tattoos grow. “Teenagers create control over life when they side with tattoos to control emotions and life” (Babb’s). “Making a permanent choice with ones body through tattoos is a huge commitment” (Babb’s). Undoubtedly sometimes the personal interest is usually based on stereotypes, and self-expression. “Tattoos are usually chosen to express something that lies under the individual’s skin” (scoop). The abstract world tends to look down upon the ones who take part in this art. People choose to really show what’s on the inside by revealing it on the outside with tattoos. Which is the only way they can express either feeling or emotions?
Symbolism and meaning is by far one of the most important aspects of the tattoo industry. “The abstract emotions and human awareness of emotions show what really is going on in ones life (Johnson)”. For that reason tattooing is a form of self-expression, and can stand for literal interpretations. For the most part these interpretations are the conveying of spiritual meaning, or marking milestones such as life or death” (Johnson). For those who think tattooing is just for looks or put a bad judgment on it, should also realize that ones personal interest reflects upon their lives. “Many individuals get their first tattoos during adolescence or young adulthood.”(Bravermark) Due to the mainstream culture, these traditions traditionally associate with stereotypes. Stereotypes defiantly have a huge impact on life. Which leads to the next point? Whether flaunted or hidden, sought as art or brought out on a whim, the tattoo has left a huge impact on generation after generation.
“The impact on the world today through the history and visual reasoning behind tattoos, lead to the inquiry of personal life changing experiences. (Exhibit)” A commitment to a tattoo is very emotional, however tattoos have become increasingly common in today’s visual landscapes. Life changing experiences have been changing over the past few years to the point that some use tattoos to get through ruff times.
“Tattoos have been found to be as amulets, statues, symbols, declaration of love signs, and other untold related justifications.” (Frid-Jimenez) In the course of this research studies show that the tattoo phenomenon is today’s legacy of American culture. Yet, very little has been written about. “Tattoos are magical in some eyes, and serve as a talismanic protection. (Nadja)”.
Many become tattooed as a commitment to a group membership. Most don’t understand that the history of the tattoo is very important when going in the art. Tattoos have permanently changed in a way that represents freedom, unconditional love, understanding, acceptance, and of all things hope. A tattoo differs from culture to culture or person to person, and its place on the time line. “The first experience you get with learning how to tattoo or become an artist is very difficult, as years go down the road life starts to bring you enjoyment, and happiness” (Nate/mentor). Tattoos have been around for a very long time. No one knows just how long. Our society has just begun to accept the true meaning of the tattoo and what it means to someone. Even through tattoos we are still not greatly accepted. More and more people