Essay on Tattoos And Body Piercings

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Allie Van Wagenen
English 3-4
23 October 2014
Currently one in five U.S. adults has at least one tattoo (21%) which is up from the 16% and 14% who reported having a tattoo when this question was asked in 2003 and 2008, respectively. Tattoos are self-expressions art form, generally most show significance or symbolize the important moments in your life. The form of art tattooed on a person’s skin is easily disfavored by many, when bearing tattoos shouldn’t be the cause of any disrespect towards themselves.
Some people have come to a conclusion that the actions of permeant markings on the skin by adolescent is greatly frowned upon. Tattoos are thoughts expressed through ink on your body, and society wants you to believe the marks on your skin are trashy, repulsive, and unattractive. Why is it that the respect you offer someone you barley know, it quickly vanishes after they reveal the “trashy” permeant ink on their skin?
“We're still seeing more and more people getting tattoos."(Kaiyala) We appreciate and show our support to more than half of the covered up tattoos unseen by the eyes, but easily disrespected if uncovered. Army soldiers and veterans who surrendered their lives for us are admired, but would we have the same respect towards them if we really knew what was hidden under their sleeves? “Many view tattooing as a way to claim control of their body and show independence, defining themselves by symbols of their choosing.”
In conclusion, you shouldn’t contemn somebodies life on the permeant ink markings they inquired in their lives. Tattoos are not necessarily designed to call attention to themselves; some people believe they are the marks of beauty, symbolize or represent a significant time in their lives. When did down grading people about being themselves ever become such a disgrace?

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