Taylorism: Scientific Management Essay

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It is stated that theory of Scientific Management has an exceptional role in the process of establishing an organization, whereby meets the requirements of an up-to-date environment. I feel that Scientific Management reveals some principles which are essential to nowadays management. This theory aims to define the employee’s productivity as excellent, as well as improve business aspect on a world-wide range.
To begin with, the idea of the theory mentioned has a huge influence across the world. Firstly, it is highlighted of how employers handle their business. For example, according to Taylor, who is furthermore considered to be as the father of Scientific Management, such aspects as: study pattern, lower work requirements, standardisation in labour, are the basic of a successful business. However, due to these management ideas, there are some issues which are brought to light. For instance, if undergoing with the tide of the theory, workers would abuse of the employer’s trust, and moreover, better employees would be compelled to confirm with the weakest’s group working strategy. Secondly, the implementation of a proper methodology of activity in the Scientific Management, propels a natural tendency of enjoying the activity and mix it with harmony among the workers. As it is believed, a healthy co-operation promotes the development of each individual’s physical capability. Also, Taylorism denotes that a successful organisation means a structure of control, still, not the employment relationship (1-University of Alberta Canada). Therefore, in order to achieve a high degree of managerial activity, there should be a permanent supervision, centralized planning, systematic analysis and feedbacks of each distinct operation, but ranking above all, there should be detailed instructions towards personnel, as it is the way of creating an organization which is detached from the meaning of a career schedule for the working inhabitants. Hence, there is no wonder why Taylorism is well-known for making a business successful at its highest level.
Additionally, I would like to make a remarkable point regarding automation. The theory of scientific management it is recognized through giving the possibility, to the society, of producing goods through the means of technology and electronic devices, yet, without human interference. I consider that automation is a breakout within the managerial tasks. For example, the products are made by a self-regulated mechanical device which performs the procedure without people getting involved. Yet, on the other hand, it will not increase the productivity, due to the fact that carrying out commands by a machine disables communication and logical skills among the workers. As a matter of fact, an adequate example of automation as an extension of Scientific Management, would serve the performance of tasks within the USA space shuttle branch. These procedures require complex actions and also a rapid response, which can be accomplished by high-speed computerised systems only. Such actions as: launching, tracking, and controlling the rocketed devices nurture tremendous mobility and supervision, whereby in this