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Michelle Thompson
TDA 3.6

It is important that we promote anti­discriminatory practice in work with children and young people. This stops segregation situations and incorrect social attitudes. It encourages children to build good relationships with others and to respect others as individuals. If children experience discrimination it can cause them to feel that they are not valued and included in class. It can then have a derogatory effect and they may become withdrawn. We have to encourage positive behaviour and teach children and young people to recognise different cultures, race, religious beliefs, disabilities and gender are what make up our society. If we do not promote anti­discriminatory practice within our workplace we would be contravening the rights of the children. Children and young people should be made aware that they have rights the same as everyone else and nobody should be discriminated against. To create a multicultural society we need to instil positive behaviour and understandings in our settings. If a child is discriminated against it will often have the effect that will that will discourage learning. Promoting anti­discriminatory practice can only have one outcome and that is to support children to build positive relationships with others. If we have positive relationships with children and young people then society will turn out for the better. Another way to build positive relationships with children and young people to promote anti­discrimination is to use the classroom environment. Posters could be displayed within the classroom showing how we promote anti­discrimination. We would show that to discriminate against someone for whatever reason is wrong and could be construed as bullying. Another way is to make sure that equipment that is used within the classroom does not discriminate against anyone. For instance making sure that we have both right and left handed scissors and writing implements. Making sure that if someone has an eyesight problem that any reading material is maybe in larger text if needed. It is ultimately important that all staff are aware of the policies and procedures within the school on anti­discriminatory practice so they are fully trained on any issues that may arise. It would also be beneficial to have a learning session with the children at the start of the new academic year as to what is expected of them and that we do not discriminate against anyone. They should learn what positives can be gained from being non­discriminatory. 2.5
Any discrimination should be dealt with immediately otherwise it may give the impression that your are happy with the situation. With children and young people you should question what they are saying or doing if it seems discriminatory. You could maybe as “Why would you say/do that?”
You should remain calm and not