Essay on Tea Culture and Chinese Tea

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Executive Summary 3
Background and Goals 4
Proposed Plan 5
Marketing survey 5
Site finding 5
Design 5
Decoration and procurement 5
Preparations for opening 5
Schedule 6
Staffing 6
Cost 7
Authorization 8
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Executive Summary
Algonquin College is increasingly accommodating more and more international students and staff. To cater for diverse taste of drink habit and cultural demand, Algonquin College needs diversifying its eatery system. Opening a Chinese Tea Bar is a worthy step.
The Bar is designed to cover about 60 square meters, accommodating 15-20 people at the same time. It will benefit Algonquin College by providing a supplementary drinking selection in eatery system, and offering an interesting social intercourse environment for students and staff.
The core elements of the proposed plan include marketing survey, site finding, design, decoration, procurement, and preparation for opening. The timeline for this plan is expected about six months, from May to October.
It is staffed by four people: an experienced manager and three qualified Chinese tea specialists. They must have a sound understanding of Chinese tea culture, including the methods of preparation of tea, the equipment used to make tea, and the tea ceremony.
According to related surveys or statistical data, the costs of this project are $ 94282 for one-time investment, and $15592 per month for operation. It needs to be approved by Algonquin College before implementing.

Background and Goals
With the increasing internationalization, more and more international students are coming to Algonquin College with different cultures and eating habits. Algonquin College has paid more attention on the condition of student life by establishing eight dining facilities attempting to offer maximum choice of food and drink for students. However, there is still a potential to increase drink selections for diverse taste of students, such as Chinese tea. According to my preliminary survey, there is considerable consumer demand for Chinese tea in Algonquin College, because tea drinking is an ingrained drinking habit of most oriental people and an attraction to some Western people, meanwhile also a cultural phenomenon and a lifestyle.
Therefore, I propose opening a Chinese Tea Bar in Algonquin College. The Bar covers about 60 square meters, accommodates15-20 people at the same time. It provides principal types of Chinese tea, creates a Chinese style drinking environment equipped with free Wi-Fi, power cords, and filament lamp in night for students or staff using laptop, tablet computer, or reading. The goals of my project are to satisfy the following consumer demands:
(1) Providing a supplementary drinking selection for Algonquin College's eatery facilities to cater to the taste of Chinese tea.
(2) Offering an environment for students and staff to relax, think, and share ideas with Chinese tea drinking.
(3) Producing homeland elements for Chinese students and staff to relieve their homesickness.
Proposed Plan
Marketing survey
A thorough survey is conducted to identify potential customers and their preferred type of Chinese tea. Clearly understand customer's acceptable price, specific requirements and their suggestions on location.
Site finding
According to the survey, find out a suitable site in Algonquin College or the area adjacent to the College, and negotiate the rental.
Based on the principle and element of Chinese style, conduct the design of architecture, interior, decoration and tea things.
Decoration and procurement
According to the design, invite qualified company to construct and decorate, at the same time purchase tea things and other equipments.
Preparations for opening
Include the installation of equipment, training of staff, pricing, campus advertising, cleaning, and pre-opening exercise.
With the approval of Algonquin College, the following schedule is