Essay on Teacher and Children

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What strategies might you employ to encourage pupils to behave appropriately? Describe how you might react to incidents of bullying and violence?

I would encourage children to behave appropraitely by ensuring the children are familiar with the school rules and policies. These should be scattered aroung the classroom so it is easily noticable and understandable for every child. Rules help to teach and promote positive behaviour, it is essential that pupils are helped to understand them and know why it is important to keep them, they will need to be informed of them regularly to keep them reminded.
Rules are most effective in promoting positive behaviour if staff and pupils are developing them together, this shows the children that they are apart of it with the teachers and shows that their opinions are important too, and it can be a good opportunity for the chidren and teachers to work together as a team. It is a good idea to promote the effects of bullying, violence and the consequences in assemblies that are set to talk about this specific subject, this show how important bullying is and that the school does not tolerate it. Also It will be easier for the children to remember rules if there aren't too many of them and are written clearly and phrased positively. It's important for teachers and teaching assistants to promote these rules and familierise the children to them.
If, or, when an incident occurs at school, for example, bullying and physical violence, I would respond to it quickly and calmly because if I am calm, the child will also remain calm. Just the same as if I acted irrassionally, it would make the child worry, which is not ideal. I should make it clear to all children that bullying is not tolerared and i will be prepared to follow through with the consequences.