Essay about Teacher and Old Age Group

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Alli Bordelon
September 30, 2014

Mini Project #3 This past week, I revisited the daycare I used to work at when I was in high school. A Merry Go Round Daycare is a care facility that takes in the age range of six months to five years old. When I worked there, I taught the eighteen to thirty-six month old children. I had the privilege to sit in on my old age group and observe what they were learning and how the teachers taught. For the two year olds, the teachers were much more aggressive in the teaching process. They have a vocabulary that consists of about fifty words and are able to scribble with crayons and draws shapes. They are also able to repeat words they hear often and are able to handle being separated from their parents for longer periods of time. For three year olds, the vocabulary of the child expands to about three hundred words. They will also be able to form short sentences and say their own name as well as naming other people. At this age, the child is also able to express emotions more clearly, learn how to take turns, and also be able to use pronouns. Colors are also recognized at this age. For four to six year olds, the child will be able to speak in full sentences and be able to talk clear enough for those who don’t know the child to understand. Along with speaking, cooperation with other children around them when playing also forms. They are able to follow directions more clearly and develop some independence. At this point in their life, they are preparing for kindergarten so they must start to learn to understand the concept of