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EFE reports: Observation in the Lab

mike smith
Dakota State University

EDCU 205 Child Growth & Development
Dr. Mike K. Keon
Due on: April, 18, 2013
Phone: 646-475-4552, Email: collin@aolo.com

As I went to the lab to go do my EFE hours, there I watched and observed numerous of kids interact and just basically be kids. The age group that I observed was from 2-5 years old. I observed how their days went from when they would walk in, go outside, and eat lunch and even take naps. I also observed how they walked down and up the stairs, how the easily change direction, and how they draw recognizable shapes and many more. Throughout my whole time studying these children I really noticed some normal behaviors and quite some abnormal. I also noticed how the teachers in charge also interacted with the children, also how they conducted the whole classroom to cooperate and still have fun. They were several kids that their behavior during an activity really stood out to me, but two in particular had my attention. Their names were Spencer, and Zavian arroyo.
An incident that I saw during my time in the lab was when the teachers announced movie time, and of course the children were excited and looking forward to it. Then all the children went into the room and began to watch the movie but one child called spencer who is only 3 years old, got up while the other kids were watching the movie quietly and went and grabbed a stuffed animal. Spencer then started crawling around the floor as he looked at the other toys. He soon found a carrier to put his stuffed pet in and after putting the pet in the carrier he then placed the carrier on the chair. And then he walked right to the center of the TV and looked around for I guess more toys, then he also looked at the students sitting watching the movie, then he returned back to the chair were he left his stuffed toy. After a few minutes he then joined the group that was watching the movie and then a girl in the group asked to play with his toy but spencer did not even interact with the child. After seeing that happen I was surprised that the teachers allowed spencer to move freely instead of joining the other students in watching the movie. I was also surprised that spencer ignored the question asked by the little girl.
Another incident that occurred while watching the same movie had to do with a boy called zavian arroyo. While the movie was on he too got up and went towards the teacher who was on the computer and began to play video games with the teacher. Then