Essay Teacher: Pregnancy and Healthy Prenatal Development

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Discipline Methods Review Name _______________________
Read the handout and answer the following questions.
_____________ is one of the biggest problems every parent faces.

_______________ discipline is the best way to help children learn self-control.

What is the purpose of discipline?

The type of discipline that a family uses will strongly influence the child’s ______ _________.

Name and describe the 9 types of discipline outlined on the handout.

Unit 3-Describing Pregnancy, Prenatal Care, and Childbirth

Name DAte Hour

Select from a list of early possible signs of pregnancy.
List normal body changes and discomforts during pregnancy.
Identify danger signals that might indicate a complication during pregnancy.
Describe the stages of prenatal development.
Answer questions about healthy prenatal development.
Distinguish among available prenatal tests.
Plan a balanced diet for a pregnant woman.
Investigate factors influencing healthy prenatal development.
Name sings of approaching labor.
Name in order the stages of labor and delivery.
List the methods of childbirth.
Analyze situations involving pregnancy, prenatal care, and childbirth.

Terms -unborn child from the end of the second week after conception until the end of the second month of pregnancy -unborn child from the end of the second month after conception to birth -a female cell or egg -period of time between fertilization of the egg and birth -one-celled organism formed by the union of a sperm and an ovum -substances that are potentially harmful to