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Why You Teach
• What is the purpose of education?
Education to me is knowledge. A person can be knowledgeable in many aspects of their lives not just what is taught it schools. Education is the foundation of the world. Without education the world would be an uninteresting, rather dull place to live. Education brings people together. It allows different people to communicate with one another. Education has been around since the beginning of human existence. It may have had a different meaning in the beginning than it does today but it basically served the same purpose, which was survival. • What is your role as an educator?
An educator should be a mentor or advisor, not necessarily a giver of knowledge, but a person who opens the doors to knowledge. Educators should guide their student’s train of thought, allowing students to explore learning on their own but at the same time guiding them in the right direction. Educators should challenge their students to strive to be better, to achieve greatness, in order for their students to reach their full potential. Teachers should also be motivators to their students. Teachers should make learning interesting in order to get their students on board to learn. Once students are on board to learn, their potential is limitless.
Teachers should not only be mentors of knowledge but should also be a model for students to follow when it comes to values, morals, and traditions because students often spend more time with their