Teaching Philosophy Statement

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Ever since I was in third grade, I knew I was going to be a teacher. My mom was a teacher, my grandma was a teacher, and I admired every one of my teachers and wanted to follow in their footsteps. From third grade until college, my dad continuously asked me to think hard about my decision in becoming a teacher. He wanted me to be aware of the financial difficulties often associated with teaching and life style that comes with being a teacher. His concerns worried me and lead me to doubt my decision. However, once I started becoming involved in the education department here at Providence College, I no longer doubted my decision. My teaching experiences here in at PC have not only prepared me but also made me excited for my future endeavors as …show more content…
Many of my friends working towards an education major at a variety of other schools are unable to work with students until their junior year. My freshman experience here at PC allowed me to get a feel for teaching and working with students without the demands teachers are faced with, such as lesson plans, assessing work, and politics. I was able to see the same smiling faces week after week and help the children with their homework. In doing so, I challenged myself as a teacher. I would come to the school without preparation for what the children had been working on in their classrooms. I worked on my ability to work on my toes and adjust my instruction until the student was able to grasp the concept. One week, I worked with a student for the entire hour and a half on converting measurements (ei. Inches, feet, yards, and miles). Throughout the majority of the lesson, she was struggling to follow my instruction. I had to adjust my method numerous times until she eventually was able to do the conversions without my guidance. The feeling I felt after she finally grasped the concept reinforced my desire to become a teacher. I want to help students grow as learners. Watching a topic “click” in their minds is so rewarding after all the effort put in as the teacher. In my opinion, helping a child grasp a concept and grow as an individual is the most