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TEACHING PHILOSOPHY Except the other jobs, being a teacher needs different qualifications. There are many theories that explain how to be a good teacher. As a business student who may teach in the future, I would like to keep up with the times and try to be understanding to the students. If we want to face to the truth, we need to accept that most of the students never enjoy the class. Unfortunately, counting the minutes might be more interesting than listening the teacher. At that time, we need to get their attention. If I was a teacher, I would talk about the trend topics that all student take interest in. Since the contents of business area change everyday, I would like to read about the news with the students in order to ensure they are familiar with what is going on in today’s society. I would choose one of the companies, for example such as Apple or Samsung, and also talk about their strategies that they would use at marketing class. Also I am very sure that most of the students will enjoy talking about the income of World Cup in the finance class. Obviously, we can not follow news without using technology these days. I would like to allow my students use their laptop to access internet for reading news. Also using power point slide show makes the class more enjoyable. People will most likely forget what they hear, but it is hard to forget what they see. On the other hand, I believe that a student who is majoring business needs to learn how to be a good businessman/businesswoman. Sometimes a theoretical information means nothing in a