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Learning Team Charter- Team “B”

Course Title- ACC537- Instructor, James Nuener

Team Members & Contact Information:
Team Member Name
Contact Number
Time Zone & Availability
Leslie M. Weaver
409-998-5299 Cell
409-347-7997 Office
CST; Anytime
Tina Pope
CST; M-F after 7 pm; Weekends 6pm-10pm
Donna Brewton
CST- Anytime by email or text Team Ground Rules and Guidelines
The following bullet points are the team ground rules and guidelines for Team B:
Everyone must submit work on time. Each member is responsible to submitting their portion of the work to the forum by midnight on the date before the assignment is due. For example, if the assignment is due on Tuesday, each members’ portion of the assignment is due no later than Monday at 12:00 am;
As a rule, all group assignments will be approved by all of the group members before the assignment is submitted. All approvals must be received by 10 pm on the day the assignment is due. If for some reason a team member does not give their approval by the deadline, the assignment will be submitted with a majority approval;
While each team member is assigned a specific task, they should seek advice or assistance on any subject matter not clearly understood;
Members will respect each other and the different skill levels each team member possesses. We will communicate in a professional and courteous manner. If conflicts arise, we will address them as a team.
All assignments must fall within the specified guidelines of the class syllabus (i.e. specific APA styles and formatting, Microsoft Word processing, degree of research and word limitations, etc.);
Team members are required to give meaningful feedback regarding the assignments.

Expectations for Time Management and Individual Involvement
Communication- Communication is the most important rule and guideline. As a team we must communicate regarding our commitment and the assignments;
Each team member is expected to attend and contribute to all team meetings (if any) and discussions. It is the responsibility of each team member to notify the team if they are unable to commit to the meeting ASAP so that the meeting can be either recorded or rescheduled;
Prompt responses to messages and team questions from one another is expected. We should all be able to download the U of P application on our smart phones so we can have an open line of communication;
Each member commits their time and effort to the team equally. Projects will be portioned so that each member will have an equal portion;
If, for any reason, a team member feels they are not able to complete the assignment (due to time, skill level, knowledge base etc.), they must let the team know immediately. Informing the team within 3-5 days before the assignment is due would be ideal. If any problems arise, they should be addressed within enough time to determine a new course of action to complete the assignment which is equally allotted and fair;
Each team member must contact the other team members if an emergency arises within a timely manner and especially if they will not be able to fulfill their responsibilities to the team;
If a member fails to make themselves available for team meetings or conferences call in a timely manner, the team, by a majority consensus, may ask the offending team member be withdrawn from the particular assignment/project which will result in a failing grade for the particular