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Empowering Delegating Skills
Tito Resendiz, Anthonie Rich, Jamie Robertson
June 5, 2015
Deb Lawton

Empowering Delegating Skills
Clarify the assignment. I think this behavior of delegating is the most important than the other four behaviors because it sets the tone for the delegator and delegatee. Clarifying the assignment makes every party involved clear of what is getting delegated and to whom. In this scenario delegating was passed down twice. Anne Zumwalt delegated down to Ricky Lee. Ricky Lee was occupied with a major project at the time, so he delegated to Bill Harmon. Ricky doing the delegating to Bill must make the information passed on clear to expect the proper results that will benefit everyone in the scenario. Ricky will also want to explain in detail the expectations upper-level management wants and expecting from Bill.
Ricky has made Anne aware of his next step to delegate the job assigned to Bob. Before choosing Bill, Ricky would have needed to know how Bill handles different work situations. Knowing Bill’s work history is what will help Ricky determine what Bills range of discretion is. Range of discretions includes what you are allowing an employee to do on their own. Since Bill is doing an assignment that would directly affect Ricky, it is important to make sure Bill knows hi limits of what he can act upon and what not to act upon without consulting Ricky first.
Since Ricky has decided to delegate the project to Bill, it is important for him to first inform the person who assigned him the project initially. Anne would need to be briefed on how Bill has shown he is capable of completing such a project. Once Anne is informed of details regarding Bill’s prior performances, Bill will then need to be informed of