Technology: Computer Network and Kudler Fine Foods Essay

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Accessing the Technology
Eric A. Jordan Sr.
17 March 2014
Scott Beckstrand

Owning your own business, means that you are connected to the world’s largest public network, which is the Internet. This is the way that Kudler Fine Foods will connect to the customer, supplier, and your employees from one to the other. Knowing how, when, where, why, and who to connect Kudler Fine Foods too will allow the business to make sound technology decisions, which can save the business time and money. There are several ways Kudler Fine Foods can access the technology and within this paper a few will be discussed. The first way that will be discussed is the use of bandwidth. Bandwidth is digital information, which travels through different media or (pipes) and these pipes vary in bandwidth (Cisco, 2011). It is important that Kudler Fine Foods has adequate bandwidth so that multiple users can work simultaneously and quickly while having access or share digital information. When this takes place then the user is not subjected to slow application nor is the network in danger of crashing. It is also important because Kudler Fine Food has videos that move and digital images, which require more bandwidth. The next way to access the technology is switch that creates the network within your business, which is referred to as a Local Area Network (LAN). Switch functions as a bridge with ports that connect your digital devices like computers, servers, printers, and wireless access points, which then allows each devices the ability to talk to each other efficiently (Cisco, 2011). There are important areas that Kudler Fine Foods will benefit from in this area and these benefits are the quality of service, which will prioritizes certain types of traffic allowing the best network performance, energy efficiency, and security