Kudler Management Essay

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Kudler Management
Shon Will
ACC/542 Accounting Information Systems
June 16, 2014
Thomas Cappels

To: Kudler’s Management

From: Sajunta Accounting Firm
Date: 6/16/2014
Re: Integrating Technology into Business Operations
Key Business Needs
In order for a company to grow, it necessary for a company to recognize the key business. These key business needs should include opportunities management recognize big growth opportunities. Katthy Kudler established in Foods in 1998 and became a success with the gourmet needs of the community. Kathy Kudler key business includes the expansion of the organization, operating a company catering business, add more gourmet product to the product line, and acquiring other businesses.
Key Accounting Information Needs
Kudler current operates the manual company. The current chart of accounts is currently exists as Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet, which is open for errors of human. Manual entries can be very costly for a company due to the time and consumption to compute spreadsheets. The human error just my transposing numbers can cost a company a lot as well especially if not caught at an early stage. Some other key information needs would include the inventory and the customer database. The inventory should link directly back to the company accounting information systems. The customer database should be linked to inventory and email systems or reward system.
Strengths of Current Computer and Technology Use
Kudler current system of POS module captures and reports all retail sales in detail, item code, cost, price, time, station, clerk quantity and store. This POS directly provides data to several module including the General Ledger. The organization also to handle all credit card and debit card transaction, which about 85% percent of the business. The credit and debit POS module links directly through the clearing house and cash reconciliation module.
Weakness of Current