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Technology is bad
Today we can do anything and everything online, on our phones, computers, or any other device. There is now no need to learn to write cursive, or write anything at all, there are computers for that. There’s no need to have anything more than a basic knowledge of math, if even that. That’s what calculators are for. And if you need to know a fact or have a question, Google is always there for you. there’s hardly a need to know how to spell anything more than basic words. You don’t even have to leave your house for anything at all. Anything you ever need can be delivered right to your door.
Technology can lead to educational failures such as when spelling skills are lost because people are so used to having an automatic spell check that the person doesn’t even realise they spelt a word wrong, however the failures are not only spelling people can’t do simple math, of 2000 people only 41% could answer a simple question. People in this generation seem to lose the ability to communicate all we know is to text; not talking face to face it is all done electronically. There is a lack of innovation, people don’t go out and find things everyone stays inside. Nearly everyone goes on at least one social networking site whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any of the many there, this media we say is social is anything but we don’t engage with each other we don’t look into someone’s eyes we see a name on a screen. We type as we talk, we read as we hear and