Technology's Negative Impact on Society Essay

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Most people say that as time advances so does technology. These advances in technology come at a cost. While technology has been developing, types of technology have been slowly eroding many aspects of our society and how people conduct themselves in social situations. Technology has also led to a decline in education and how people, in particular, students, gain knowledge. On a broad scale technology has both assisted law enforcement and, at the same time, led to the creation of new types of crimes and how old crimes are committed. Finally, technology has had a negative impact on the physical build of people, particularly in the United States. Though technology has assisted society in many good ways, most advances come at a cost which is …show more content…
Teacher’s no longer are required to teach as much. They can just have their students look up the lesson online or have them watch a video or PowerPoint on the information. It is also much easier for students to get off task. Texting during class is a major cause of student’s distraction in modern times. Students continue to find new ways to text while their teachers are teaching and keep the cell phone hidden so the teacher never knows. Another problem texting in the classroom presents is an increased rate of cheating. “According to the National School Safety and Security Services, text messaging can be an aid for cheating students” (Wright). This presents a particular problem because it is difficult to keep an eye out for every student who might potentially use a cell phone, thus creating an easy window for students to cheat.
Teachers must also keep a close eye on what their students are doing because, they may act like they are typing a paper, but really they may be doing something else. There are millions of different things to do varying from games to looking up fun articles on famous celebrities on the internet and thus it is easy for the student’s attention to wander. This makes it difficult for teachers and school administrations to restrict what students are doing. They must insure they are keeping students out