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Majority of people in this world believes that image defines everything. On TED talk’s one person showed us the flip side of appearance. Cameron Russell is a twenty seven year old whose been modeling for ten years. From Victoria Secrets runways to Vogue magazines she has been the image of a perfect woman. Before all of the fame, Cameron was just a teenage girl from Boston wanting to pursue a dream in politics. By the age of sixteen she received her first gig with Ford Models agency and has been one of America’s most iconic models. This topic is very interesting to me because of the message behind it. Appearance is something that is highly valued. Cameron went on to explain how she is viewed as this seductive model but is really a regular girl. She explains the only reason she was able to have a modeling career was because of a genetic lottery. Describing that being a white, tall and pretty woman was America’s perfect person. Cameron then informed us on how her looks gets her out of trouble, but how it is unfair to others who does not look the same as her. In 2012 120,000 Blacks and Latinos were pulled over in New York because of their appearance. Also a journalist counted one of Cameron’s runway events and out of 620 girls there were only 27 Black models. This presentation shows how society should start changing their views on what beauty is. Cameron Russell taught me a lot more about organizing my speeches. Her attention getter was awesome; she showed the audience how