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Yousef GOLF History
Golf originated from a game played on the coast of Scotland during the 15th century.

Golf is a game in which a ball is struck with a club from a prepared area, known as the "teeing ground".
Rules of GOLF In 1774, the first standardized rules of golf were written and used for the first golf championship, which was won by Doctor John Rattray on 2nd April 1744 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

You must tee your ball within one club's length of the hole.
 Your tee must be on the ground.
 You are not to change the ball which you strike off the tee.
 You are not to remove stones, bones or any break club for the sake of playing your ball
 If your ball comes among water, you are at liberty to take out your ball and bringing it behind the hazard and teeing it.
 If your balls be found anywhere touching one another you are to lift the first ball till you play the last.

 At holeing you are to play your ball honestly for the hole, not lying in your way to the hole.
 you are to go back to the spot where you struck last and drop another ball and allow your adversary a stroke for the misfortune.
 No man at holeing his ball is to be allowed to mark his way to the hold with his club or anything else.
 If a ball be stopp'd by any person, horse or dog, or anything else, the ball so stopp'd must be played where it lyes.

 If then your club shall break in any way, it is to be accounted a stroke.
 He who whose ball lyes farthest from the hole is