History of Golf Essay

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Jonathan Carroll
Professor: Andrew Crowthe
Individual Project 2: History of Golf

According to Author Mick Euan Tait, “Golf was invented on the eastern coast of Scotland in the late 15th century. Players of the game started to hit small stones around on a flat but very hilly course with man size sand bunkers and rabbit holes. That is why most people believe Scottish and English people created the great game of Golf.” In 1421, Scotland had a lot of different sports that include sticks and balls, but soon later people were seen on the now legendary golf course call St. Andrews in England.
Golf popularity became and overnight success due to all the royal members such as King Charles the 1st endorsed the game back in the early 16th century. The Royal families then created the name caddy from the French Military so they can carry their bags as they play a round of golf. According to Author Sarah Freeland,” In 1744 King James and other royal families created the first silver golf clubs.”A young man named Duncan Forbes created a club and golf course rules sheet, in which is still implemented at the present day of golf. Some examples of the rules of the game in the mid 1700’s are quite clear you must tee your ball up within one club length from the hole and you should always place the tee on the ground while hitting the ball. Also, you are not allowed to change the ball after you use it off the tee and you are not supposed to remove any loose impediments or break any clubs while playing your ball on that hole. The sociodemographic in golf at this present day shows that all kinds of different people across the globe play and watch the game of golf. Golf doesn’t care about your age, sex or religion this sport is for all people who want to be active outside and have fun while playing. This sport is like most you see on TV today it has an amateur