Essay On Value And Ethics

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Value and Ethics


This reflection paper is about a class scenario presented. The role was about a client/patient that need to be discharge because of lack of insurance. Supervisor present the problem, but what can a social workers. This importance life changing experience will have on the patient. Social worker reflect on her ethic and values not only personally but as a social worker.

An individual’s actions are always basis on their values. Being a social worker is no exception. What one’s values are is usually brought to the surface during confrontation. If I, as a social worker, were to confront an incident were a patient/client were being release from a hospital/home because of their lack on insurance, there are numerous value that I would display. This values would be reflective of me as human being and a social worker. For starts, the first thing I would consider my option just because the insurance company does not cover inpatient care at this facility does not mean that it does not provide other available service. Therefore, I would need to find out exactly how much time I have before the patient/client need to discharged. I would ask the medical staff to be a little patient with me while I pursued other avenue of care for the patient/client in an effort to acquire more time I would ask if there is anyway the patient can remain for another day or two. Immediately after conferring with the medical staff, I would then speak with the patient/client. This is, in my opinion, the most important aspect of being a professional in every filed. As a social worker, it is probably in hand because unlike being a lawyer or sport agent, the social worker actually represents people that are in dire need of survival necessities. Speaking with the client/patient is a mandatory requirement because we need to assure them that they are being looked after and will not be left out in the cold. As a society we have a bad habit of sheltering and providing care for our domesticated animal’s better than we do our fellow human beings. Therefore, it is imperative I informal the client/patient of exactly what is going and what measure I am taking on her/his behave. Comforting the client/ patient in their time in need cannot be undervalued. If one reason or another, I cannot obtain more time or if the patient/client does not have qualification and meat the state insurance standards, I would find out if the Safety net insurance covers something for the patient/client. Health safety net is the free care insurance for Massachusetts residence who do not have health