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Self- Advocacy on
Teen Pregnancy

Self-Advocacy on Teen Pregnancy
I was pregnant at age fifteen. My mother raised all six of her children by herself. My mother had to work hard to put food on the table and made sure the bills were paid. Having so many responsibilities, she left her children tending to themselves. I learned about sex and contraception from friends. Sex was the talk in school and having a baby was the thing to do because it made teens feel grown up. Teen pregnancy was a difficult experiences I ever faces. I know that I can find ways to help someone else daughter deal with teen pregnancy.
Due to the fact, teen pregnancy is the reason for other social issues such as poverty, out-of-wedlock births, health issues, education, and child welfare. Like teen pregnancy, unplanned pregnancy among young adults is the number one source of significant health and social challenges. I encourage teens to enjoy their teen years and avoid the responsibilities becoming a parent. The more they know about issues like sex, and contraception, the better prepared they will be to make informed choices for their future.
I’m passionate about being an advocate for teens. I want to let young adults know the myths and ways they can prevent from becoming a mother at an adolescent age. Improving the lives of teens is my number one focus. If I can help prevent or reduce teen pregnancy, there will be less poverty and more opportunities for young men and women to complete their education. Being an advocate is the best gift anyone can give to an adolescent. Teens look forward to talking to someone who is there to listen.
Being an advocate for teens, I will help teens make their own decisions about their own life; learn how to get information so that they can understand things that are of interest to them, and help them know their rights and responsibilities. My goal is to help young teen delay or decrease sexual activity and to prevent teen pregnancy. I am passionate to work with teens at preparing their lives for life's challenges by providing comprehensive education, prevention and intervention programs to empower pre-teens and teens of all races, religions,