Term: Refugee and Syria Essay

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Nikki’s is 2019168808
Canada is 9175666132/ 9175047571
Matt (Portugal) 2158174110
Canada (Chloe and Holland):

Sponsors: Canada, Chile, Denmark, Portugal
Signators: United Kingdom, Israel, Iran, Russian Federation, Syria, Netherlands, Gabon, Nigeria

Noting with regret the lack of cooperation the international communities has received from the Assad regime,

Observing past efforts that imposed economic sanctions on countries have successfully weakened governments,

Fully aware of the consequences of military involvement

Convinced that leaving the rebel groups in Syria is what is allowing the war to continue

Realizing that in Iraq, military involvement has ended poorly for all parties involved (ie: Iraq)

Seeking countries to join together to show Syria that this war is unacceptable.

Aware of the 2.5 million displaced peoples in Syria,

Believing that increased aid to to Syrian refugees will encourage stability,

Deploring direct military involvement,

Supports the UNHCR

Desiring a peaceful Syria,

1. Requests that all UN member states continue to work together to accommodate more refugees,

2. Urges that the International Criminal Court to lead the force in the prosecution of the responsible persons on both sides who committed crimes against innocent civilians and refugees,

3. Calls upon Syria’s allies like Russia to deplore the use of chemical weapons, because in the past, Syria has responded positively to its allies requests, like Russia, and encourages the use of these allies to discuss with Syria a way to permanently end this crisis,
a. This has worked in the past, as Syria wants to maintain its alliance with Russia,

4. Supports the use of the United Nation Peacekeepers to a. Protect neighboring nations by acting as a border patrol i. from a possible spill over ii. and protect international peace b. protect the refugee camps i. and make sure that the humanitarian aid being sent does not fall into the wrong parties ii. and police the camps for the good of everyone within the refugee camp, by preventing internal conflicts,

5. Strongly Supports the