Essay on Terrorism and Overseas Terrorists Suspects

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Drones Use against Humans
Terrorist’s attacks have decreased and many lives have been saved because of the use of drones in oversea countries. The use of drones has changed war in both good and bad ways. Some believe drones have had such a big impact on people in Pakistan that the parents there are scared to let their children outside because there might be a terrorist that the drones may be targeting in their neighborhood. But others believe that the drones are encouraging the people of Pakistan to keep the terrorists and militants out of their towns to keep their families safe. Therefore being able to be comfortable being outside knowing that there won’t be a drone strike in their neighborhood. The drone strikes have decreased the amount of attacks in recent years keeping people safer. Therefore the use of drones has had a positive effect on many lives that would have been victims of a terrorist attack.
The development of drones started in 1911 during the Italian invasion in Lybia. The reason it was being developed was because they had certain limits of what they could do with pilots flying the plane. When they first made the drones they were manned by pilots who would take off in them, and once they got to a certain height the pilots would parachute out of them. But the drones wouldn’t last long after, as they would soon crash or explode. Therefore many pilots and soldiers have been killed by exploding seconds after launch or crash landing. But later will be nearly perfected. But the drones were not first used as killing machines; they were being used for surveillance on enemies. But later (became involved with the military effort to arm them after September 11” (Sifton1). They were later used for strikes after the attack on the twin towers on September 11 2001, being used as protection to take out threats to America. On February 4, 2002, was the CIA first used a drone in a targeted killing. The strike was in Paktia province in Afghanistan. But the drones have been in use, by the CIA, since the year of 2000. By 2002 the military had partnered with the CIA and the use of drones then moved to the military. But the drone has been developed before this occasion. There would later attacks as years went on. For example “in 2009 there were 53 strikes in [Pakistan and also] in 2010 there were 118 drone strikes in Pakistan” (Olver1). All this following back to the attack on September 11, 2001 is the reason drones were first introduced as being used for launching attacks.
Many people do not agree with the use of drones in the U.S or in other countries. One reason is because “some have argued that using a drone attack to kill a U.S citizen is a death sentence without due process” because they have not been brought before a judge or properly put on trial (“Debate”1). This is possible because the government believes any person that is a threat to America should have to go through a trial if they the evidence to prove that the suspect is an absolute threat to America. However any person who is an emanate threat to the U.S could be a possible target. For example “a 2011 drone attack in Yemen killed two Americans, Anwar al-Awlaki and Samir Khan, both suspected of being involved in al-Qaida.”(“Governments”1) and saying that, some people “fail to recognize that this nation remains at war with al-Qaida” (‘Debate”). Some have also said that the constant use of drones in Pakistan has angered the people that live there. It has been said that “locals [that have been] talked to are frustrated over the fear that they might be hit by a drone if the militants are hiding in their neighborhood” (Nadim1). But it has also been said by some of the people living there that “this frustration may have a positive impact as it motivates civilians to flush out and close doors to militants who seek refuge in their areas” proving the fact that the use of drones in Pakistan have encouraged the people of those neighborhoods to get rid of the people that are