A Summary Of The Types Of Employment Within The Business

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Task 2
A summary of the types of employment within the business
An explanation of the recruitment process with emphasis on the purpose and contents if job descriptions, person specifications and application forms. This should be supported with annotated examples of job descriptions, person specifications and an application form from the selected organsation.
An explanation of the purpose and content of employment contracts. This should be supported with an annotated example of an employment contract from he selected organisation.

Customer Assistant
A customer assistant is one of the most important jobs at Tesco. Customer assistant's work hands-on with customers, assisting them with every need that a consumer wants. As a customer assistant, they must have knowledge of the shop floor, being able to direct customers to specific product locations. They must be able to control deliveries and manage warehouse products, while orga+nising the warehouse so that it is a safe and danger-free environment for their colleagues. They must have good communication skills and be well mannered well dealing with customers. They will also have to ensure that the shop floor is tidy and safe for customers. The same is needed with aisles, these must also be tidy and clean.
Employability Skills
Employability skills are mostly known as transferable skills, this means these are skills that are used in a specific job and can be carried through to other jobs. These skills decide whether someone is employable or not.
To handle products with care at all times, this is to ensure quality when a customer purchases an item that it is in its best condition.
To always put the customer first, whatever the situation, and try to consider them in everything that they do.
To help colleagues and customers when either of them need it.
To follow all health and safety procedures when handling and dealing with anything in the workplace, including the shop floor. This is to ensure safety for customers and staff.
To get an understanding of customers, to know what they want and need.
To ensure that all services and products are available at all times.
Personal Skills
These are skills used by a person to interact with other