Testimony Paper

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Testimony Paper
Carolyn Engledow
Liberty University Online

My life before I came to Christ.
From a toddler to an adult, my life was wretched until I met Christ. Throughout my childhood, I was abandoned by my father and sexually and physically abused. I became a bitter heartbroken sinner. I did not want Christ, I wanted to die and go to Hell. The only Jesus I knew lived in Heaven, not in my problems.
How I came to a cognitive knowledge of Who Jesus is and what He did for me.
From my childhood, I was taught about Christ and the salvation story. As I grew older and attempted to live in my struggles without Christ, I realized that I deserved to go to Hell. However, Christ was never a real person to me until after He delivered me out of suicide, prostitution, alcoholism, and tobacco use.
Circumstances surrounding my conversion.
I committed multiple suicides and was a loser even in failures. The last time I committed suicide, God refused to let me die. I cursed him but still he let me live. Finally, I surrendered my life to Christ. Almost 30 years ago, Christ raised me from the dead and gave me a new life.
How would I describe my spiritual growth from the time I accepted Christ to today?
It was unimaginable that Christ had great plans for my life. Nothing great ever happened to me until after Het subdued me, inspired me to write my memoirs, and equipped me in my apostolic mandate. He led me to organize TECHM International, a small house