Essay about The American Dream Is Sometimes An Illusion

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Eric Seguin
Lsp 200
Dr. Johnston
April 17, 2014
The Illusion of the American Dream

The American Dream is sometimes an illusion? We are told that that we will succeed and climb the social ladder if we work hard. In David Schipler’s book The Working Poor, we are given many examples that prove this false. I will provide examples of obstacles that many unskilled workers face in their social life and on the job. It seems to me that there are many institutions out there that prey on the poor? One example that the book examines in depth, is the check cashing services. Someone will come in desperation as they need a little amount of money until their payday, the cashier will give them a loan; but if they cannot pay back the loan in time the fees are sometimes so high that the lender needs to go somewhere else and take out another loan in order to pay back the first one. It is a viscus circle that seems to happen to so many millions of people. Another example of the myth of the American Dream is the story of Caroline and her daughter. This story was one of familiarity, as it probably speaks to a large population of the poor in our society. She is a single mother who struggles to make ends meet and provide for her daughter, who happens to be disabled. Caroline is a motivated and hardworking employee, is always willing to work overtime. Her manager at Wal-Mart called her “a nice lady” with lots of enthusiasm and that “she is always willing to learn and better herself. She’s got potential. She can definitely move up.” She has tried to apply for promotions, but her lack of education and what she says is the real reason why they won’t promote her is because she was not young and slender, and she also did not have any teeth. Many others like Caroline give up on the American Dream as they see it as unattainable. It is pretty sad to see why many of these working poor are lead to depression and other health issues. Most of them do not have adequate or no health care. Many of these unskilled workers will probably not move ahead in their company due to the lack of education or training. Many of these people are trapped in low paying jobs with no advancement opportunities. Amid the harsh reality of such a hopeless situation, the author emphasizes the irony of such poverty during years in which great numbers of Americans have experienced unprecedented wealth. I only hope that it is not too late. These people are the backbone of our society and help make this