The American Dream Essay

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AP English 11

The American Dream

There is not an exact definition for the American Dream and in fact most likely has a different meaning to every US citizen. To some it may be having freedom and equality, and to others it may be fame and wealth. In society today people see the American Dream as a viable element and to others it’s only an illusion. There are many things that could keep an individual from achieving their dream. One of my main issues with people trying to achieve their dream is the Economy. However, there are different things within the economy that keep people from obtaining it like Money, Jobs, Natural Disasters, and Government.
Everyone wants to have money, right? But, to me if you want money you need to work for it. The problem I have with people and money is that there are people in the world we live in today that do absolutely nothing but get money from the government or other financial sources just because they are to lazy to go out and look for a job or would just rather sit at home and do nothing. Moreover, there are those people out there that bust their butts to make money to provide for their family and try but make very little money. I believe that if the government would spend less money on people who were just to lazy to go look for a job because I would almost bet that those people do not have an American dream nor did they ever have one and take that money and put it into jobs that don’t pay very much then those jobs could pay more and American citizens then could try to obtain their American Dream. The solution for people who want more money or need it would be to go on to college out of high school and get a higher degree of education. With more of an education the more you are able to do and the more job skills you have.
In America today it seems like there are more people then there are jobs and the reality about that is that there are. With teen pregenecys skyrocketing and the size of families in today’s society it is over populating America, there just is not enough room for everyone. Jobs are very limited as it is, and today interviewers are looking for the people with the higher education so that leaves middle aged citizens looking for a job with more of a challenge and older people with almost no hope of finding a job. Without a job people have no money, and little hope of ever obtaining their American Dream. Many people also see money has a want, and occasionally a need. People want money to buy things that they do not need and buy things that they want and spend money on non-important stuff. I do not think there is a realistic fix to the problem of there being not enough jobs in the United States. We as people could not possibly find enough jobs for everyone in the United States to have a job and be happy with that job.
Depending on where you live in America, one problem you may have to worry about is Natural Disasters. Living on both the East and West coast could be a problem; you have many different types of disasters that occur. When living on the west coast in the states like Texas, California, Nevada, and New Mexico you may have to worry about things like Tornados, Windstorms, and sometimes Hurricanes. When living on the East Coast in the states like New York, Maryland, Florida, and North Carolina other Natural Disasters that you may run into include Hurricanes, Tornados, and Tsunamis. All of these events could keep an American Citizen from their American Dream. When a hurricane, tornados, earthquakes, Windstorms, and Tsunamis hit an area it could damage hundreds of thousands of homes, and business in many towns. The homes and businesses that are damaged could be someone’s life, they may have been working all their life to have a nice place to live or great successful business and with just the slightest problem all of that could be ruined and they are left with nothing but the cloths on their backs. Natural disasters can cause more damage to a person then