The American Dream Paper

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The American Dream
Todays society is heavily fueled off of materialistic Americans and the heavy usage of advertisement, drawing people in to be part of a new generations culture. Through the use of technology, new trends can be spread to consumers easier than ever because you are never more than a few taps or clicks away from an ad. Many of these advertisements, such as luxurious cars, fancy watches, and expensive clothes are often obtainable to most Americans of the lower and middle class because of employment opportunities, economic aid, and the freedom of choice. The goal of the American Dream is to be successful and content in life. This notion of the American Dream that was heavily shaped during the 1950’s era is still pursued today.
After WWII, new opportunities arrived as people could focus on the economy and live a comfortable life. Stated in the text book, less people worked in blue collared jobs as people moved on, to work in higher paid, white collared positions by 1956. The initiative to create successful people and money shows how
Americans can use their opportunities in higher income jobs to live the so called American Dream. This time period was highly similar to today where there are four million job openings available to be filled according to
Forbes List. The abundance in jobs shows how at any point four million people could have work either to come out of poverty or make extra cash to live the American Dream.
The unemployment rate across the country is also returning to the low of 4.3% that it was in 1950. Here, in 2015, America is returning down to that level at 5.6% although it has been as low as 3.9% in the past 10 years. The low employment rate shows the high amount of people that are at work and able to become successful enough to live life contently.
Those who are in poverty could find it hard to make money like middle and upper class America but,