The Animals and Self- Destructive Behaviour Essay

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If I Could Change One Thing
If I could change one thing, it would be to eliminate animal cruelty and animal captivation. Animal cruelty is a disturbing problem that occurs very often and is evident in many forms. Animal cruelty can take place in places many wouldn’t imagine. PETA (People for the Ethnical Treatment of Animal) recently posted an article titled ‘’Animal Rights Compromised: Zoos’’.
The article opposes zoos because cages and cramped enclosures at zoos deprive animals of the opportunity to satisfy their most basic needs. So what really is the purpose of zoos?
The article states that zoos breed animals because the presence of baby animals draws zoo visitors and boosts revenue. But the animals’ fate is often bleak once they outgrow their ‘cuteness’. This statement really makes people think and realise that this is true in most cases.
Physical and mental frustrations of captivity often lead to abnormal, neurotic and even self- destructive behaviour, such as incessant pacing, swaying, head bobbing, bar-biting, and self-mutilation. Including this information about the animals makes us realise that we have witnessed at least one or two of these happening in zoos without even knowing it could be abnormal behaviour.
Zoos are constantly squandering millions of dollars and not even caring about the animal’s welfare but ‘blowing’ the money on unwanted expenses like gift shops and landscapes. People hate to think of their money being used for this and not for the welfare of animals instead. They will be really against zoos doing this.
Blackfish is based on an orca in captivity and…