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English notes---- banking concept
1. teachers talk-students become empty shells that just listen
2. teachers think nothing changes or they teach something the students wouldn’t understand
3. teacher is filling heads with info, as a “container” students timidly let him
4. Students become a filing cabinet that the teacher fills. A student should find the opportunity to question and find their own answers
5. teacher knows everything/students are ignorant
6. b/c uses impressive words without backing the meaning behind them
7. the more the teacher teaches, the more the students can say they know, it is better for the teacher, but not for the students—quantity not quality
8. teachers put themselves higher than the students, students believe the teacher knows more than they do
9. the students are just absorbing and accepting knowledge and not critically thinking about what is learned
10. doesn’t want the students to know as much as teacher
11. b/c wants to change minds rather than make the situation adaptable
12. the oppressor (teachers) and society want the students(the oppressed) to learn enough to be able to adapt to society, to be able to survive, but not change the situation
13. oppressed students are part of society, b/c keeps the student from learning about the society around them
14. don’t think about human problems
15. b/c not teaching anything important for the students to be able to think independently
16. the students might rebel against the teachers, students are going to realize they are being told what to learn, so they rebel to bring themselves higher
17. b/c is not a partnership, if it were there would be a freedom of power.
18. b/c does not teach how to differentiate, unable to tell the differences in things because everything is taught the same
19. b/c controls what the student is taught. They fit into the world because they don’t question and are still oppressed
20. b/c keeps the oppressed down by use of reading requirements, and evaluating knowledge, this keeps the teacher and students far apart
21. the minority is the teacher, the majority are the students, they are keeping the oppressed down by not allowing them to think for themselves
22. b/c is controlling and smothering b/c controls thinking and takes away creativity
23. by not being taught to think for themselves people are becoming followers because they do not have the ability to lead
24. the only way the higher ups can continue to dominate the oppressed is by using more control
25. by using b/c it keeps people down, oppressed
26. because the oppressed are not being taught to think independently, they are still oppressed and the culture is still suffering
27. b/c takes everything and puts it in its place, the teacher prepares the lesson and the presents it to the student for them to memorize
28. b/c has negative impact on society
29. b/c makes people immune to knowing true knowledge
30. b/c teaches only what can be seen, if you cant see it, it doesn’t exist
31. b/c only see one part of something, no depth, no questioning
32. immobilizing fixating forces, fail to acknowledge people as historical beings p/p starts at historicity as a starting point
33. people are stuck in b/c because they don’t know any differently
34. id you do not give a person the ability to make decisions and think for themselves they are changing from a person to an object
35. b/c keeps people oppressed and unaware of what is going on around them
36. “violation of their humanity” don’t feel you can change
37. “one of violence” is a type of violence if u are prevented from changing
Problem posing

1. both learn from each other on the same level
2. help each other become better people, building trust, students work with teachers
3. only way education can work is if the student and teacher communicate with each other
4. communication destroys the banking system
5. p/p is one on one to work through communication