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The North
Apparently the climb down the wall was uneventful, because Jon and Ygritte have plenty of time to examine their relationship as the group heads for Castle Black. Jon has spent this season out of his depth, trying to keep up with the rugged Northmen, but now they're back in his territory and the distance between he and Ygritte is taking shape. She mistakes a run down windmill for a great palace, she doesn't understand the military benefit of drums or marching, and what proper Southern lady doesn't know what how to swoon?

Orell is trying to place himself between that distance, telling Jon that she'll never stay with him and Ygritte that she should be with a man of her own kind. She wasn't convinced, but she's definitely thinking more about how different they are and how Jon perceives their future. For his part, Jon's vision of the future isn't too cheery. He knows that every invasion from the North has always failed. He knows that Mance Rayder's isn't likely to fare much better. And he knows this will drive he and Ygritte apart. They tell each other that each is only fighting for the other, but things will change when the chips are down.

I've been frustrated with how they've spread Bran and Osha's journey with the Reed siblings so thin over so many episodes, so I was happy to get a full character moment from Osha tonight. The story of her husband turning into a zombie did little but explain her desire to stay out of the North and avoid magic, but it explained both of those things well. I'm not sure that it dissuaded Bran and Jojen from wanting to explore beyond the wall, but it certainly gave them pause.

On the Road
Delayed on their road to his Uncle’s wedding by heavy rain, Robb took some time off from politicking and warring to check in on his marriage. The good news, he and Talisa have maintained a healthy sexual relationship. Their physical attraction to each other was palpable as they lounged in post-coital bliss. The bad news, that seems to be as deep as their relationship goes. As she started a letter to her mother and tried to teach Robb a bit of High