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Canadian Geography Gabriel Janes
Polar bears: Threatened species or political pawn?

1. List all the individuals/characters (organizations) involved in the polar bear article?
Character Position/Job/Title/Sponsor/Organization
Andrew Derocher Professor of biological sciences at the University of Alberta
Mitchell Taylor Biologist and advisor to governments
Seth Stapleton Methodologist at the University of Minnesota
Dag Vongraven Chairman of The Polar Bear Specialist Group

2. What is this article about?
This article expresses the debate on what exactly the population of polar bears is. As well as, how some see that the population as declining and that the polar bear is actually in danger of becoming endangered, while others hold the view that the population is at a healthy balance and there is no decline in their population and there is no need to worry about where their population in the future.

3. Make a list of all the places mentioned in the article?
Places listed in the article
Baffin Island
Hudson Bay

4. Make a list of all the time factors in the article and connect them to each character when appropriate?
Decades-long career studying polar bears, Andrew Derocher made the estimation that polar bears will be gone in Churchill by mid-century.

Projection of dramatic losses by the end Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) of this century.

Spent more than 30 years studying polar Mitchell Taylor bears in the high Artic and believes the population doesn’t appear to be declining.
2008 he signed the controversial
Manhattan Declaration on climate change.

Just last year it was reported the polar bear Environment Canada doesn’t have a small population and no decline has been observed.

2011 the largest aerial survey was ever Seth Stapleton attempted in western Hudson Bay.

Since 2005 the population has always The Polar Bear Specialist Group been an estimation, but states it was given to satisfy public demand.
5. Identify causes or reasons for the different views on the issue presented in this