The Benefits Of Civil Disobedience

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Throughout the course of history one group's go against another's. Civil Disobedience is a necessary moral obligation we need to protest the unjust, such as Dr.KIng did for equality, without going to extremes, such as Gandhi did by not rioting in order to gain India's independence.

Why? What would drive a human to go against others of its own kind. Imagine your daughter running up to you with red, hot tears asking why she cant go to the new playground built right down the street, because the Jim Crow Laws don’t allow her to step a foot there. Watching as the tears engulf her face, while her anger begins to grow due to the unjust law. The same laws that would be here TODAY, if the matter wasn't resolved by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. using civil disobedience during the 1960's.
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In 2015, the LGBT, Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Trans-Gender, community preformed a civil rights act in front of our eyes. The fight for legalization of Same-Sex Marriage. These protestors used civil disobedience to fight for their right to love who they