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The Body Shop
I always thought that the iconic green shade of The Body Shop was selected to pay tribute to the environment but that’s far from the truth. In reality, when Dame Anita Roddick founded the first The Body Shop store in the 1970s, it developed a bad mold. And dark green was the only color that covered it up. A happy coincidence for the Brit brand whose premise is that all its products are derived from natural materials and inspired by things Roddick had discovered on her various trips around the world.
The body shop foundation:
Our vision cements all of the work carried out by The Body Shop Foundation – to give a global helping hand to small charities and projects all over the world, using the expertise and local knowledge of staff, franchisees and consultants of The Body Shop International.
This local wisdom helps us to reach those who need it most, on issues relevant to that particular area.
We see more giving through our fundraising channels – at regional & local levels – working with the company and its suppliers by turning more end of line, discontinued or unwanted stock into cash to fund more projects and saving the company on environmental impact and landfill costs.
We see our volunteering reaching new heights – by encouraging staff to help the Foundation with monitoring & evaluating the grants given by their own particular region.
We believe that through stakeholder engagement and action, we can connect individuals to issues and together create positive change.
We believe that the vision that you keep in your mind, the ideal that you store in your heart, is the beat you will lead your life by and what you ultimately become.
Not a bad goal to have, really…..

Approximately 65% of the grants that we fund come from nominations from the staff, consultants or franchisees attached to the company – from all over the world.
The remaining projects we