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The Call
One month ago, I was running out of breath, literally. Each breath I took, I was getting closer to taking my last. My lungs were dying. And while my hope and belief in life were still alive and well, the idea was to get my body to catch up with my faith. This required some work. What I needed was a miracle, a double lung transplant, I prayed every day that angels would finally answer my call and deliver me a miracle.
I have always believed in miracles. Since childhood, when I thought pretty much everything was a miracle. At early ages of life, when most don’t understand science or logic all that well, a ball bouncing down the pathway by itself seems pretty special. As many years had passed, I saw more signs of miracles. I saw rainbows and reflections of light from puddles of rain and across beautiful wide lakes. So, to my mind’s eye, the more I saw, the more I believed. It is a fascinating way to perceive the world. It fills you with the idea that nothing is impossible. And the concept that shaped my life. Miracles, the technically unexplainable, it happen even though people say they can’t or write them off to just simply a coincidence. The fact that I, right now am able to sit here, without being chained to an oxygen tank like a baby to its mother is simply a miracle. My miracle.
Months were passing. And as my number on the transplant list climbed, my heart climbed with it. And you know what’s was the most beautiful thing? I never for one moment doubted I would be fine. I sat there every day waiting for the phone to ring which felt like eternity. Waiting for that one call that could make or break me, my life. And there is where I learnt patience at a whole new level. The time had finally arrived, it was my time. It finally rang at 12:30 am on a Tuesday night. My mother ran into the room to hear the amazing life changing news, my mother remembers the moment like it was yesterday, she said I was visibly vibrating with excitement and yet I felt so calm.
The next week or so was such a blur but the one thing I remember was the day I would survive without a doubt. The gas mask giving me fresh air making my insides explode with ease of breath and happiness, but for some