The case of Jessica Essay

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The Case of Jessica One explanation for Jessica’s behavior coming from a humanistic point of view would be that school stresses Jessica out. Jessica’s academic growth does not show within her schoolwork but only in her test scores, she is about to make a big decision in her life about whether or not to go to college which will be a huge adjustment for her. With enough peer and parent support Jessica will be able to make her decision she just needs some time and patient understanding of her situation.

Another explanation can come from a socio-cultural point of view. It’s possible that Jessica has grown up in a very poor or low class neighborhood where many of the people didn’t attend college or they don’t have very good jobs. This could result in her being influenced by how the others in her neighborhood act. If none of her neighbors or peers are going to attend she thinks it is acceptable to not go to college either and just become a hairdresser which would take far less time and effort. You can also see the influence of her environment by the low grades and high test scores because she doesn’t think low grades are unacceptable so she doesn’t out much effort towards achieving good grades but she performs well on her test.

Lastly the behavioral perspective can give a solid explanation to Jessica’s behavior. When Jessica received low grades she did not get punished for them even though from her test scores her parents and teachers could tell she was capable of doing